Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Laguna Seca. August 23, 2009

Every year at this time, we all make the trip up north for Laguna Seca. On Friday, I took both of my parents for their first ride in a race car, practiced a bit, and then raced on Saturday and Sunday.

John Cherniack . 996 Spec . Laguna Seca Qualifying . 8/23/09 from JC3D on Vimeo.

Saturday's race I gridded 9th and finished 8th, and Sunday I gridded 8th and finished 7th. I had a great battle with Rob and Kip and Sunday for the entire race. I barely held onto my lead over Rob, but Kip got by me. My best time of the weekend was a 1:40.007 which is the lap in the video.