Thursday, February 2, 2012

GRAMMYs: Bon Iver and Adele. Moving Picture Company. January 2012.

Bon Iver: Holocene

Adele: Rolling in the Deep
These two promos for the 2012 GRAMMY awards was the inaugural job for MPC Creative in Santa Monica, Directed by Dan Marsh and Ryan Knowles.

The first project was for Adele's Rolling in the Deep. This project was especially tricky since we had to develop a particle, and a fluid system that not only responded to sound, but used that sound to power its movement. First the vocals were split from different instruments in Maya. Then, working closely with the in-house directors, the look was developed, scripts were written, and we automated a lot of the setup.

Using what we learned from Adele, we moved onto Bon Iver's Holocene. This time, a miniature was built and we did a shoot. Again, we had to develop systems of particles that were powered by the sound. A big challenge this time around, was creating a system to form Justin Vernon singing and playing the guitar.